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Welcome organic beauties!


Did you know that many skincare products (both regular & organic) contain potentially harmful chemicals?  Most foaming products contain cheap foaming agents (SLS) that damage the protective layer on the skin’s surface that can quickly cause irritation and redness.  Unlike with food, when it comes to cosmetics no one regulates what ‘organic or ’natural’ means; leaving consumers open to being mis-led by clever branding and product descriptions.  This means that your organic beauty products might not be as clean or non-toxic as you thought!!  This is why it is SO important to ensure you choose CERTIFIED organic beauty products..!


Every product stocked by Totally Organic (except the Konjac Sponges which are 100% natural) has been certified by an organic organization that has extremely strict standards concerning the cultivation of the plants used as well as the ingredients allowed in the finished product.  We pride ourselves on selecting only the very best CERTIFIED organic skincare for our store.  This means that each item must meet our exacting standards in the content of high quality organic ingredients as well as deliver impressive results.  All of our certified organic beauty is also cruelty free AND either vegan or vegetarian. 


GENUINE organic beauty products, by their very nature, are perfect for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, acne and similar skin complaints as synthetic beauty products are only going to exasperate these conditions.  Of course, it goes without saying that organic is the only sensible choice for a baby’s sensitive skin!


Naturally all of our products (except the Konjac Sponges) display a genuine organic certification symbol - giving you absolute reassurance in the quality of your organic skincare.  With organic skincare this good why would you use anything else?  So it’s goodbye sensitive skin; hello glowing complexion!