Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

Next week is the first Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week held in May.  The Soil Association have previously dedicated a week out of their ‘Organic September’ to organic beauty but this year things have got even bigger and better and ‘OBWW’ quite rightly stands proud in it’s new May slot.
Organic Beauty Week has always been about focusing on real organic beauty and providing clarification to what that actually is.  The Soil Association recognise the problem of the many brands trying to elude to being organic and natural when in reality this is often far from the truth!  This practice is known as ‘greenwashing’ and although many may consider this unethical, unfortunately it is perfectly legal. 
The problem stems from the fact that it is legal to use the word ‘organic’ on a beauty product no matter what the product contains!!  The same standards that apply to our organic food do not apply when it comes to organic cosmetics.  As things stand, there is no real definition for what ‘organic’ is or should be within the beauty industry and it is grouped along with other broad terms such as ‘natural’, ‘pure’, ‘botanical’ etc…  The sad reality is that a beauty product labeled as ‘organic’ could in fact contain only 1% organic ingredients plus a whole host of harsh chemicals!
So what can consumers do to stop this and protect themselves from being misled?  Firstly you can sign the Soil Association petition to urge beauty brands to #ComeCleanAboutBeauty here:- 
The other thing to do is to only purchase organic beauty products displaying a genuine organic certifying symbol.  But beware of the fake logos out there!  Brands cannot certify themselves but they are savvy enough to realise that logos win consumer trust so be warned that you may come across some rather misleading icons on beauty products…! 
At Totally Organic our commitment to and belief in genuine organic beauty is such that we only stock certified organic, cruelty free skincare which is also either vegan or vegetarian - making shopping for green beauty as easy as it should be. 
Genuine organic symbols to look out for
If you live in London and are keen to discover more about certified organic beauty there will be a pop up shop next week (15th – 21st May) at Protein Studios in Shoreditch.  You will be able to meet the best organic beauty brands of the UK, watch products being made, pick up samples and even do a spot of yoga! 

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