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Sloughing off dead skin and improving circulation is an essential step in the quest for smooth, healthy skin.  As well as keeping us lump, bump and ingrown hair free, exfoliating has the added benefit of improving the absorption of products applied afterwards.  Our organic body scrubs are always free from environmentally damaging plastic microbeads and instead utilise natures finest exfoliants such as Himalayan salt and organic sugar.   We recommend exfoliating your body at least once a week and always prior to tanning.  As with all our products, our organic body scrubs are certified organic, cruelty free and either vegan or vegetarian for the purest scrub of your life!  

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Ecotan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Ecotan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Ecotan (Eco by Sonya)

***Highly commended in the 'Body Scrub' category at the Natural Health International Awards ..


Urtekram Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Urtekram Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Smooth lumps and bumps, prevent ingrown hairs and slough away dead skin cells the organic ..


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